Special Tours


Photography Tours

Tours Specially designed for photography enthusiast who would love to have a wholesome experience.

Golf Tours

Golf is one of the more lucrative sports in the world for both men and women with spectacular locations.

Adventure Tours

A tour packed with exploration & enjoyment generating adrenaline rush like you have never felt before.

Skiing Tours

Experience uphill & downhill skis which will create epic memories to last for life time.

Wildlife Tours

It offers a diverse range of adventures for everyone, whatever your passion in some of world's exciting locations.

Wine Tours

Wine tours let you taste fine wines and explore wine country and will tour vineyards and walk rows of seasons harvests.

Culinary Tours

The most delicious way to explore your most interesting neighborhoods. Exploring a place thru its food is the best way.

Weddings / Honeymoon

What bigger a event than ur wedding or Honeymoon. Get Chauffeured, board amazing luxury vehicles, get to showcase best ceremony.

Spa Itineraries

A line up of masaages, body treatments includes popular foot and hand reflexology. Royal Indulgences best suited for you.

Yoga, Meditation

Tours which serves as a powerful meditation technique for inner peace and wellbeing of one self.

Ayurveda Tours

Ayurveda packages would rejuvenate your body and mind and make you face the hustle and bustle of the city life again.

Festival Tours

Many Countries, Several Cultures. Explore different kinds of festivals with its unique kind and theme.

Eco Tours

Ecotourism typically involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

Pilgrimage Tours

Experience the aroma of Hawan Yajna among the pure, serene and tranquil setting, the chanting of hallowed prayers.

Educational Tours

Educational tours connect teachers and students to cultures, languages and people through authentic learning experiences.

Incentive Tours

A global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate participants for increased levels of performance.

Industrial Tours

Student's industrial visits to gain practical knowledge about how various industries & organizations operation understanding.

Walking Tours

A walking tour is a tour of a historical or cultural site undertaken on foot, frequently in an urban setting.

Luxury Trains

Majestic way to explore the major tourist destinations by hopping on board several Luxury Trains.

Special City Tours

City sightseeing tours guided by local experts dedicated to take you behind the scenes and get under the skin of the city.

Short Breaks

A much needed break from the routine to escape on a signature short break with your friends and family.